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Ebony MartinWhat is a typical day like in your job?
A typical day involves reviewing, approving, and managing cash transactions for the University’s State and Capital Improvement accounts.

How does your job support Carolina’s mission?
As the CI and General Ledger Accountant in Accounting Services, I honorably provide significant support of the University’s financial operations by maintaining accurate Capital Improvement construction records as well as cash management over the University State and Trust accounts, and many other duties to ensure the University’s financial reports are maintained properly.  My areas of specialty include Academic Affairs, Health Affairs, and AHEC accounts. My goal is to provide unwavering service to uphold the University’s legacy of being one of the world’s great research universities.

What do you like most about your work?
Every month-end, I am pleased to oversee that the actuals ledger data is successfully submitted to the State’s North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS). This means that Accounting Services and other financial reporting entities of the University have successfully performed their financial responsibilities to sustain the business operations of UNC-Chapel Hill.

What is summer like for Accounting Services?
June and July are an extremely busy time of the year for Accounting Services as the year-end close is in full effect.  Everyone in Accounting Services is devoting extra time and effort ensuring that the general ledger, account balances, and other financial reports are accurate.

What is something people probably wouldn’t know about you, or another fun item you’d like to share?
I am a native of Florida and graduated from Florida A&M University and Nova Southeastern University. I relocated to North Carolina with my husband and two beautiful daughters a few years ago and I love the ability to experience all four seasons. Outside of work, I love to travel, read, and attend Zumba. UNC is a delightful place to work and I look forward to learning more about the University and its culture.

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