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To: University Business Managers and HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From:  Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill permits departments who require an employee to carry a mobile device to perform job duties to provide that employee with a Mobile Device Stipend (formerly Mobile Communication Device Stipend). This memo serves to announce an update to the Mobile Device Stipend Policy (1269) and Procedure (1269.1). Business Managers and employees receiving the stipend are encouraged to review the updated policy and procedure.

Significant changes to this policy and procedure include: changing the names of the policy and procedure to “Mobile Device Stipend” and removing the requirement of submitting a paper form to terminate the stipend. Previously, departments submitted a help ticket with this form electronically attached or mailed in a paper form, now departments will submit a help ticket specifying the employee whose Mobile Device Stipend should be terminated (without the form attached). The procedure also confirms that Mobile Device Stipend payments are effective for the pay period processed and will not be awarded retroactively.

Each department is strongly encouraged to review the necessity of mobile devices, and to select alternative means of communication when such alternatives would provide adequate service and be more cost effective. Suggestions can be found in the detailed Mobile Device Stipend Policy statement, which includes FAQs.

Please also refer to the accompanying procedure, Establishing and Paying for a Mobile Device Stipend, for the complete steps on initiating, changing a funding source, which is completed via ePar and terminating a Mobile Device Stipend through a help ticket.

If you have policy questions, please contact Stephanie Kidd, Payroll Manager in Payroll Services at 919-962-2759 or  For technical questions, contact the ITS help desk at 919-962-4357 or visit

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