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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

Special Annual Leave Bonus 2018

As you are aware, the legislature granted a one-time award of five days, 40 hours, prorated for part-time employees, to permanent EHRA and SHRA employees who were active in TIM on July 1, 2018. The hours, “Bonus 2018 No Payout”, were loaded into TIM effective as of July 1, 2018.  These hours remain available during the length of the employee’s employment, have no cash value, and cannot be paid out at the end of employment or applied to Total State Service.

Bonus 2018 Rollover Adjustment

Vacation leave balances of more than 240 hours on Dec. 31 are transferred to the employee’s Sick leave accrual in TIM on Jan. 1. The Special Annual Leave Bonus 2018 included a provision that each hour of Bonus 2018 leave used during a calendar year will be deducted from the amount of Vacation rollover to Sick.

Additional guidance has recently been received.  It provides that the adjusted hours will still be deducted from the rollover amount but now the adjusted hours will also be added to the employee’s Bonus 2018 No Payout accrual balance in TIM.  This only affects employees who take Bonus 2018 hours in a calendar year when they have hours rollover from Vacation to Sick.  Please review the HR website for more information,

To find employees in TIM who will have a Bonus 2018 rollover adjustment because they used Bonus 2018 leave and had a Vacation rollover to Sick in 2018, click on the Calendar icon and set the Start and End dates to 12/31/18 and select the ‘Bonus 2018 Vac Rollover Adj’ hyperfind from the drop down box in the right corner of the Manage My Department tab.  Bonus 2018 rollover adjustment examples can be found on the HR website,

Bonus 2018 Rollover Adjustments will appear in TIM for affected employees by tonight, Friday February 22.  The adjusted hours will be deducted from the Jan. 1 Sick balance and will be added to the Jan. 1 Bonus 2018 No Payout balance in TIM.  This will happen automatically.  No TIM Administrator actions are needed.

Historical Corrections for Affected Employees

It is still critical that any historical corrections that will impact the affected employees’ Vacation or Bonus 2018 Taken balances in 2018 must NOT be entered in TIM starting today, Friday February 22 to ensure the amount deducted from Sick and added to Bonus 2018 No Payout is accurate.  Because the hours deducted are being added into the Bonus 2018 No Payout balance, you do not need to enter any historical corrections to change leave taken in 2018 from Bonus 2018 Taken to another accrual.

Bonus 2018 Rollover Adjustment FAQs

What is the change to the Bonus 2018 Rollover Adjustment?

The Bonus 2018 Taken hours that will be removed from an employee’s Rollover amount on Jan.1, will be returned to their Bonus 2018 No Payout balance.  This only affects employees who use Bonus 2018 Taken in a calendar year when they have hours rollover from Vacation to Sick.

What does this mean for an impacted employee?

With the original provision, an employee who had a vacation balance > 240 hours on 12/31/2018 and who took Bonus 2018 Taken hours in 2018 would have their vacation rollover amount reduced by the amount of Bonus 2018 Taken hours. The net effect of this is that they would lose vacation rollover hours.

With this change, those lost hours will now be credited back to the employee’s Bonus 2018 accrual, in effect converting the Bonus 2018 Taken hours into Vacation hours taken.

Do I need to do anything to make this adjustment?

No. TIM will automatically calculate the rollover adjustment, and the hours to be credited back to the employees’ Bonus 2018 No Payout accrual balance.

What should I tell impacted employees?

Tell them that their Sick balance will be decrease on 1/1 and their Bonus 2018 No Payout accrual will be increased as of 1/1 to reflect the number of hours that were removed from their vacation rollover.  This adjustment is expected to happen at the end of every calendar year, so employees may choose to use all of their Bonus 2018 hours in a calendar year when they will not have a rollover from Vacation to Sick.

What if I have questions?

For policy-related questions, please contact your department’s designated HR Representative or assigned Leave Consultant in the Office of Human Resources.  For TIM-related questions, please email

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