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To: TIM Administrators

From: TIM Support

As communicated to TIM Administrators previously – Earlier this year, the legislature granted a one-time award of five days, 40 hours, prorated for part-time employees, was granted to permanent EHRA and SHRA employees who were active in TIM on July 1, 2018.  The hours, “Bonus 2018 No Payout”, were loaded into TIM effective as of July 1, 2018.  These hours remain available during the length of the employee’s employment, have no cash value, and cannot be paid out at the end of employment or applied to Total State Service.

As you are aware, Vacation leave amounts of more than 30 days (240 hours) on December 31 are transferred to the Sick leave accrual on Jan. 1.  The Special Annual Bonus 2018 leave included a provision that each hour of the Bonus 2018 leave used during a calendar year will be deducted from the amount of Vacation leave transferred to Sick leave accrual.

After 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15, the calculated amount will be deducted from these employees’ Jan. 1 Sick balances in TIM.  This will happen automatically.  No action is needed in TIM.

The “TIM Bonus 2018: Rollover Adjustments” reference card attached to this email provides detailed information on how the deduction from Sick is determined.

See the N.C. Office of State Human Resources detailed description of the FY 2018-2019 Special Annual Leave Bonus.

To Find Impacted Employees

To find employees who have taken Bonus 2018 hours and have a Vacation rollover on 12/31 in your departments, click on the Calendar icon and set the Start and End dates to 12/31/2018 and select the new ‘Bonus 2018 Vac Rollover Adj’ hyperfind from the drop down box in the right corner of the Manage My Department tab.

Deadline to Change ‘Bonus 2018 Taken’ in Timecards, 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019

Historical corrections may be entered for these employees to change the ‘Bonus 2018 Taken’ pay code to a different pay code, like Vacation, Bonus 2017 Taken, etc.  Historical corrections for these employees that will affect their Vacation Rollover or Bonus 2018 hours in Calendar Year 2018 must be entered by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019.

Historical corrections that will impact these employees’ Vacation rollover amount or Bonus 2018 Taken hours on 2018 dates must not be entered after the deadline to ensure the amount deducted from Sick is accurate.

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