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To: Business Managers, Res_Info Listserv, Research Administration Support Group
From: Jessica Hwang-Strickland, Director of Procurement Services Operations

In order to clarify allowable and non-allowable catering and restaurant charges to the P-Card, two edits have been made to Procedure 1252.2, Procedure on using a Purchasing Card.  The following changes are made to alleviate possible confusion:

  • Allowable catering charges (if no contract required) has been changed to allow caterers or restaurants that are providing food/beverages for University meetings and events (if no contract required).  Catering includes caterers or restaurants (pizza, Panera, Chick-Fil-A pick up, etc.) providing food/beverages for University meetings and events.
  • Non-allowable restaurant purchases has been changed to non-allowable in-restaurant dining. The P-Card is not to be used for in-restaurant dining for individual meals.

In addition to this clarifying change, a new form, 1252.2.1f, Student Travel Pre-Approval Request Form, is now available.  Student travel, including group or single/domestic or international, can be charged to a P-Card in advance of the trip.  P-Card charges are allowed for trip registration, airfare, lodging, transportation, and meals per diem. The form requires purpose of the trip, travel dates, destination, student names and designated P-Card account. This form should be completed and approved by the department/school before submitting it to P-Card Office.

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