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TO:  MOU Financial Leads
FROM: Fran Dykstra, Information Technology Services

As the new academic year is about to begin, I am pleased to share the attached 2017-2018 ConnectCarolina Year-End Review document. It summarizes highlights of the ConnectCarolina team’s efforts on behalf of our many constituents. The improvements and new functionality were the work of many, and we are glad our extraordinary faculty and staff across the University are able to leverage this multi-functioned application to conduct the administration and the business of this great university.

Though we accomplished a great deal, we know there is always more to do. As we adopt new technology and automate more and more in our lives, we continue to look to implement better technology to simplify our work.  The ConnectCarolina team is trying several approaches to manage the many requests we receive because we understand the great value represented by your suggestions. We are striving to increase and manage our capacity while working to establish and improve lines of communication with ConnectCarolina users so we have better information for prioritizing requests.

So please reach out to us if you have a concern or ideas about how we can improve.  We appreciate your input and your support.

Thank you,


Frances A. Dykstra
Associate Vice Chancellor
Enterprise Applications and Reporting
Information Technology Services
ITS Manning, Suite 5210
Campus Box 3420
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3420
Phone:  919-962-5065

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