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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
Date: August 15, 2018

TIM Administrators have quick access to Historical Corrections Accrual Adjustments and Audits information on two new timecards tabs.

  • The new ‘HC Accrual Adj’ tab is used to adjust Historical Corrections with leave hours so the hours are not sent to payroll.
  • The new ‘Audits’ tab provides easier access to the information in the Audits Widget.

Historical Corrections for TIM Administrators

As of the July 2018 TIM update, when saving Historical Corrections the popup box asking whether or not the hours should be included in totals will no longer appear.

  • All Historical Corrections will automatically be included in the timecard totals, and, if accrual hours are involved, will also affect the accruals balance.
  • When Historical Corrections are made to adjust leave balances, those hours should not be sent to payroll.  They are made in the timecard to increase or decrease the employee’s accrual balance in TIM.
  • To ensure those hours are not sent to payroll, you will need to edit the correction in the ‘HC Accrual Adj’ tab.  The ‘HC Accruals Adj’ tab allows you to view each Historical Correction that has been made in the selected pay period or time period and modify the Include in Totals option.

Common leave balance adjustment situations when corrections should NOT impact pay totals:

  • An employee who qualifies to earn leave at the end of each month terminates their employment on the 25th of the month. The employee’s leave hours for the month will not be added automatically to their accruals since they will not be active in TIM on the last day of the month. The accrual hours will need to be added as Historical Corrections, but the corrections should not impact pay.
  • A new hire transferred to the University from another North Carolina state agency. The employee has leave hours from their previous state service that need to be added to TIM. The accrual hours need to be available for the new hire to use in TIM, but they should not impact pay.

Historical Corrections Instructions

  • For detailed instructions on how to use the new HC Accrual Adj tab, please review the updated Historical Corrections CBT or the section in the TIM Administrators manual.
  • New and Updated TIM Training CBTs and Manuals have been posted online.
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