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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
The TIM System Update this weekend was successful.

New Enhancements for Managers and Administrators

Delegate Authority for TIM Managers and Ad Hoc and Personal Hyperfinds for TIM Administrators are in TIM. Please refer to the Delegate Authority Computer Based Training (CBT) and added sections in the TIM Managers and TIM Administrators Manual.

TIM Administrators have quick access to Historical Corrections Accrual Adjustments and Audits information on two new timecards tabs.

  • The new HC Accrual Adj tab is used to adjust Historical Corrections with leave hours so the hours are not sent to payroll and do not affect the upcoming paycheck.
  • The new Audits tab provides easier access to the information in the Audits Widget.

Historical Corrections

You will no longer be asked to Include in Totals when saving a historical correction.  To ensure the hours for an accrual balance adjustment are not sent to payroll, please follow the instructions on how to use the new HC Accrual Adj tab in the updated Historical Corrections CBT or the section in the TIM Administrators manual.  They will also show you the two new informational messages that appear when saving a historical correction.

New and Updated TIM Training CBTs and Manuals have been posted online.

TIM Update Outage Next Steps

  • All times in and out worked by Time Stamp and Teletime employees during the outage window must be submitted to the TIM Manager or TIM Administrator for manual entry on Monday, July 30. *
  • Times in and out captured on Badge Terminals during the outage should be checked by the TIM Manager or TIM Administrator on Monday, July 30 to ensure they are correct. *
  • SHRA Non-Exempt and SHRA and EHRA Exempt manual time entry employees who worked during the outage will be able to enter their TIM data on Monday, July 30. *

TIM Access

There are still two ways to log into TIM: through the ConnectCarolina SelfService menu or by using the direct link.

Direct link (

When you go to the direct link (, the log-in screen you are used to seeing will be different — you will be directed to the Single Sign On (SSO) page, which looks the same as the ConnectCarolina SSO page. You will log in using your Onyen and Onyen password as usual and you will be logged into TIM.

ConnectCarolina SelfService menu

You won’t need to enter your user name and password a second time when you click the TIM link in ConnectCarolina SelfService. The Single Sign On information you entered to get into ConnectCarolina will pass through to TIM.

TIM Update support

Please contact 919-962-HELP (4357) for assistance with all technical issues related to TIM.

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