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To: University Business Managers, Research Administration Support Group, Res_Info Listserv, MOU Financial Leads
From: Purchasing Card Team

As we shared in a July 10 email, the launch of the new purchasing card (P-Card) program is fast approaching. The improved purchasing card program will have more flexibility and an upgraded reconciliation tool, Works, which offers greater functionality and efficiency to campus users. Works is a web-based application used for the management of P-Card transactions.

Major Organizational Unit Financial Leads and P-Card Users have received information about trainings needed prior to August 16.  If you are not a P-Card User, but want more information about the improved program and new system, check out the P-Card information webpage and training documents explained below.

Computer-based Trainings and Quick Reference Cards

Computer-based trainings (CBTs) and quick reference cards that provide specific instructions for using Works are posted on the Finance Training webpage and the general P-Card information webpage.

P-Card Handbook, Policy, Procedures and Forms

The P-Card information webpage is updated to include links to all resource documents and policy documents.  *Note policy and procedure documents will be posted closer to the August 16 redeployment. Forms are already updated and accessible.* An updated P-Card Handbook is available to all users, in addition to frequently-asked questions with answers.

Background on Policy, Procedures and Forms Changes

In addition to process changes, policy updates will be implemented which will enable the University to move low-value purchases away from currently-used campus voucher and purchase order (PO) methods and into the P-Card system for increased efficiency.  The list of allowable P-Card expenses will include:

  • Lyft and Uber service are allowed when provided for clinical trial studies only (which requires using Vendor Dashboard and approval by IRB).
  • Equipment and space rentals which include contract terms and conditions will require review by Purchasing.
  • Travel is allowed but limited to athletic team travel and student travel by request.
  • Professional memberships are allowed and includes subscriptions and journals.
  • All conference registration charges are allowed.


User-specific questions can be directed to our team members at

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