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To: Finance Staff
From: Joanne Filley, Senior Training and Documentation Analyst, Continuous Improvement and Staff Development

Launching Today!

Gold Star Notes can be given by a Finance or SCE employee to any other Finance or SCE employee in appreciation of behavior that demonstrates one or more of our five guiding principles.

To give a note:

  1. Pick up a notecard and gold star(s)from one of the four ballot box locations.
    • SASB North: Cashier’s Office, contact is Brooke O’Neal
    • AOB, contact is Carolyn Butler
      • 2nd Floor: Purchasing reception area next to the bid room (room 2501)
      • 3rd Floor, suite 3100: Round table next to Carolyn Butler’s desk
    • SCE: Front lobby, contact is Mary Marzbanian
  2. Add a star next to the applicable guiding principle(s) you wish to recognize.
  3. Write your note of appreciation, making sure the full name of both the recipient and sender is easy to read.
  4. Put the card in the ballot box for delivery by a member of the leadership.

Coming next: Rock Star Tokens of Appreciation, our supervisor-to-employee recognition program.
Finance and SCE Employee Recognition Committee

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