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To:  University Business Managers
From:  Brett W. Kenney, University Cash Manager, Accounting Services

RE: Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) Chartfield Strings Open for Departmental Edits

The March 2018 GSHIP premium file has been uploaded into Connect Carolina and departments now have access to the GradStar GSHIP Administrator Premium Maintenance page to update allocations to Research Assistants/Teaching Assistants (RA/TAs).  There is one change to how departments can allocate GSHIP payments, noted below:

During the end of calendar year 2017, the Cash Management Unit and Financial Accounting Unit of Accounting Services discovered that departments had erroneously entered payroll account numbers instead of the correct Medical Insurance for Graduate Student account numbers 515540 and 569220 when updating chartfield string allocations for students in GSHIP.  Accounting Services successfully worked with Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Graduate School to restrict accounting entries by restricting these two account numbers in GradStar’s Premium Maintenance screen in ConnectCarolina.

ITS has included the following language on that screen for departments: “There are only two allowable GSHIP account numbers:  515540 and 569220.  If the student is receiving an award, for example a scholarship or fellowship, then account number 569220 should be used.  Otherwise, enter 515540. Department business officers should then cost allocate among the projects’ chartfield string if there is more than one.  The total cost allocation must equal the monthly premium amount of $324.43.”

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