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To:  MOU Financial Leads
From:  Melanie Wright, Accounting and Customer Billing Director, SCE

Starting with the next CBM data file submission, which is estimated to be Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, charges from the Carolina Inn will be separated into two files:  one for room-stay charges and one for food and beverage, facility rental (no food), and parking transactions. The room-stay charges will be identified by a new INR source, while other transactions will continue to be identified with the INN source.

In CBM, room stay-transactions (associated with the INR source) will not be assigned the account from your default chartfield string.  Instead, you will see the word “SELECT” in the Account field, and you will need to choose the room stay-related account.  If you do not see an account that represents the type of room stay you are looking for, call Service Center for Excellence Accounting Staff at 919-966-5739 or 919-962-2412 and they will be happy to assist you.

These changes were made to improve internal customer billing while providing a more efficient way of processing, submitting and reporting transactions in compliance with University Policies.

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