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More than 200 employees from Finance and the Service Center of Excellence attended a holiday and employee recognition luncheon on Dec. 13 at the William and Ida Friday Center for Excellence in Education. Five employees were presented with the All Star award, an award to recognize employees for their application of service excellence, innovation and continuous improvement, teamwork, a healthy and high-performance culture and prudent management and leadership. The event is the result of months of work by a 14-member committee representing four areas in the division to develop a program to recognize employees for their work. Dwayne Pinkney, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration and chief financial officer presented the five winners with their awards and spoke to the attendees about their important work to the University.
2017 Five Star Award Recipients
Five employees were presented the All Star award by Dwayne Pinkney, senior associate vice chancellor for finance and administration and chief financial officer: Toni Horton, SCE accounting manager; Miranda Brownlow, finance accountant; Patrick Grogan, finance applications analyst; Dwayne Pinkney; Peter Dobs, SCE technology support analyst; and Jena Kiser, SCE business services coordinator.

Excerpts from Pinkney’s remarks about the five winners are below.

Toni Horton – SCE Accounting Manager

“Toni Horton demonstrates the qualifications of an excellent manager who works hard to ensure her finance team performs at the highest level, acting professionally and providing excellent customer support in all tasks.”

Miranda Brownlow – Accountant

“Miranda is an outstanding team player who has implemented processes that have significantly improved and enhanced the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of the Foundation and Investment Accounting unit.”

Patrick Grogan – Applications Analyst

“Whenever there is a problem identified, Patrick invests time, develops a game plan, and participates actively in the implementation of getting the task accomplished.”

Peter Dobs – Technology Support Analyst

“Pete is energetic, incredibly positive and friendly as he quickly – and sometimes literally – runs from one customer to the next responding to any problem or request.”

Jena Kiser – Business Services Coordinator

“Jena brings endless amounts of knowledge, experience, and energy to any situation that involves assisting employees with HR related transactions.”

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