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The FAQ Section was revised in language to help eliminate ambiguity concerning where the 53.5 cents per mile rate applies on multi-day travel.  The updated language is as follows:


“Q: I am attending a conference in Richmond, Virginia and will travel 310 miles over a three-day period of time to a conference.  How do I calculate my mileage?
A:  You can be reimbursed at the 53.5 cents per mile rate for 100 miles for
every day of travel, and any additional miles at the 17 cents rate.  So, if you traveled over a three-day period, you can claim 300 miles (3 days x 100 miles) at the 53.5 rate, and the additional 10 miles at the 17 cents rate.  If, however, you traveled the entire 310 mile trip in a one-day trip, you can claim 53.5 cents per mile for the first 100 miles, but the remaining 210 miles would be reimbursed at 17 cents per mile, as travel occurred all on the same day.

Travel days are defined as the number of days within, and including, the departure and return dates.”

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