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To: MOU Financial LeadsUniversity Business Managers, Finance Council Members, Deans, Directors and Department Chairs
From: Beau Jimmerson, Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing and Payment Services

Please be aware that two travel-related policies have been updated and will impact travelers who have a personal travel element to their University business travel. University faculty, staff and students whose University business travel has a personal component are affected by this policy. As in the past, all personal travel costs remain the responsibility of the employee. Please note the following key points that affect those travelers:

  • Travelers will need to obtain verification from your manager that the trip is primarily business in nature.
  • Managerial verification for faculty is explained as verification from your chair, or when a chair is not present, the dean of the school.
  • Failure to obtain this verification COULD result in denial of the travel reimbursement.

Specific changes to the affected policies are outlined below.

  • Policy 1308 – Travel Expenses
    Updates include:

    • Exclusion addition to address expenses paid by a third party.
    • FAQ addition with example of third-party payment.
  • Policy 1310 – Transportation Expenses
    Updates include:

    • Special instructions for travel that combines University business and personal travel.
    • Updated and additional FAQ to address examples of acceptable managerial primary proof of business.
    • Travel that leaves from or returns to a place other than the primary duty station.

We appreciate your cooperation with these changes. If you have questions, please contact
Note: This memo will be sent to Deans, Directors and Department Chairs.

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