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To: MOU Financial Leads, University Business Managers, RASG
From: ConnectCarolina Team

This memo is to notify you of a change in ConnectCarolina that will provide additional employee detail information. Currently, reports show summarized amounts for these transactions:

  • core data fees
  • campus transit fees
  • composite benefits
  • severance wage transactions

Starting March 1, 2017, reports will start showing individual transactions for each employee for these fees and charges, similar to how you see employees’ salary and fringe benefit transactions.

How the Fees Are Allocated

The University allocates these fees based on payroll amounts, which are posted in ConnectCarolina following each bi-weekly and monthly payroll. The current account ranges, fund ranges and percentages used to allocate these fees are noted in the following table. Please note that these have not changed as part of this new process.

Account Ranges, Fund Ranges, and Percentages
Fee Type Account Range Fund Range Percent
Composite Benefits (Account 516120) 511120 – 514730 (except 512510) All Funds except State 0.50%
Severance Pay (Account 512510) 512120 – 512190 All Funds except State 1.00%
Core Data Fee (Account 521210) 511120 – 514730 (except 512510) All Funds 0.54%
Campus Transit Fee (Account 521110) 511120 – 514730 (except 512510) All Funds 0.30%

Currently, the allocation process calculates these fees based on payroll chartfield strings that are summarized, so details at the employee level aren’t available.  The new process will calculate these fees similarly to how employees’ fringe benefits transactions are calculated. The transactions will originate from HR accounting data and produce detailed general ledger journal lines. These fees will be recorded in separate journals from Payroll and PAAT journals and can be identified by their “PRB” journal prefix (Payroll journals have a “PAY” prefix and PAAT journals have a “PAT” prefix). The allocations on these reports will now be processed daily, whereas before they were only processed when payrolls were run.

What the Employee Details Look Like on Reports

The sample report below shows how this information will display on the Transactions tab in InfoPorte versus how it currently displays. Detailed information will also be available in the Payroll Accounting Report.

Employee Charges

Note: This sample report shows both the old way and new way payroll-related allocations display. The new reports won’t have the lines that are crossed out in red. The blurred areas in this sample are to protect employee privacy.

The Fees and PAAT Transactions

These fees are self-adjusting for PAAT transactions. The process debits the fee expense to the new PAAT chartfield string and credits the corrected chartfield string. You do not need to make correcting entries for these charges as part of a PAAT transaction or a Campus Journal entry.


If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.

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