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To: Major Organizational Unit (MOU) Financial Leads, University Business Managers, Research Administration Support Group, Finance Staff, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From: ConnectCarolina Team

The Salary Funding Report is now live in InfoPorte. The new report shows the funding sources for an employee’s salary, by position or appointment for UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC General Administration. This report shows how much of an employee’s salary is allocated to various funding sources. It is a funding report and does not display all job data activity.

This report can be used by HR users (with access to the PAAT tab in InfoPorte) and Finance users (with access to enhanced financial reporting) to help make many business decisions such as identifying funding for the Annual Raise Process (ARP). You can also use the report to assist with reconciliation. The report answers important questions about where funding for an employee started and if an employee is currently being funded correctly. This report also allows users to determine if funding needs to be switched for an employee if a funding source or research project is ending soon.

To run the Salary Funding Report from the HR section in InfoPorte, choose this menu option InfoPorte: HR > Payroll > Salary Funding; from the Finance section in InfoPorte, choose this menu option InfoPorte: Finance > Financial Reporting > Salary Funding. Here you can either show current funding sources, by selecting Current Funding, or show past funding sources by entering a date range for the report using the Date From and Date Thru Fields. You can then continue to filter to narrow search results further.

For more information, view our Salary Funding Report Guide.

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