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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

Review carefully the Adverse Weather document available on this link. It covers Adverse Weather conditions and accounting for missed work and hours worked in Biweekly 15 (1/9 – 1/22), Adverse Weather owed, and Adverse Weather payback.

Holiday Reminders

  • Holiday hours appear automatically in TIM for SHRA employees with 50%, 75%, 80%, and 100% FTE. For SHRA part time permanent employees whose FTE percentage is not equal to 50%, 75% or 80%, TIM Administrators must enter the Holiday pay code and the pro-rated amount of holiday hours on the holiday in the timecard.
  • If an employee is not eligible to receive holiday hours, insert a row on the day with the holiday and select the ‘Holiday’ pay code and a negative amount of hours in the timecard. We will not be using the Holiday Forfeit pay code since in the upgraded TIM, the Holiday pay code and a negative amount will change the Holiday hours to 0.0 hours.
  • Hours worked on a Holiday will automatically appear as Regular or Overtime. If the hours worked on the Holiday were required, the TIM Administrator or Manager will insert a row and enter the ‘Holiday Premium’ pay code and the amount of hours worked on the holiday. The actual hours worked should not be removed. The hours worked and Holiday Premium hours should both be entered in the timecard on the Holiday worked.

FLSA Change- Non-Exempt to Exempt

If an employee is changing from Non-Exempt to Exempt, they should record their hours worked as a Non-Exempt in TIM. Please also submit a Payroll Exception Sheet with their hours worked as a Non-Exempt. Non-Exempt to Exempt information appears differently in the Upgraded TIM and this will assist us with ensuring all hours are paid. An employee may change to Exempt because they move into a new SHRA Exempt or EHRA position or because their current Non-Exempt position is reclassified as Exempt. An exception sheet is not needed for an employee changing from Exempt to Non-Exempt.

Upcoming TIM Administrator Training

Class for New TIM Administrators – The attached document, “New TIM Administrator Class,” has information about the upcoming TIM Administrator Training Class for new TIM Administrators. This class is mandatory for new TIM Administrators. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 10, 2017. The link to the training registration website is provided in the attached document.

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