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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support

The Upgraded TIM is Online!

Here are some important reminders:

TIM Administrators with Historical Correction Access

  • The Historical Correction CBT is located on the TIM website in the ‘TIM Administrator Only CBTs’ section.  Please review this CBT again before making your first historical correction.
  • A comment and detailed note must be made on each row that is corrected in the timecard.
  • Please make absolutely sure that the edit you are making is correct before saving it.  Every addition, deletion, or modification made in a signed off pay period that is saved in the employee’s timecard cannot be deleted.  If Yes is selected in the Include in Totals prompt, the resulting pay codes and amounts are automatically included in the totals in the current pay period.
  • It is critical, that historical corrections are made in only very recent pay periods and after saving the correction, pay codes and amounts are reviewed in the current pay period.  Historical corrections that are included in the totals recalculate all hours and edits made in later signed off pay periods.  If there were incorrect moves or entries made in the previous pay periods, these will be recalculated and included in the totals in the current pay period.  Also, previous position or rate changes will not be reflected in the employee’s pay.  If the correction that needs to be made is not in a very recent pay period, you may enter a pay code and amount on the most recent signed off date to make the adjustment.  Be sure to add a comment and detailed note.
  • Previous historical edits appear in dark grey in the timecard and cannot be edited or deleted.  If a previous historical edit needs to be corrected, you will need to insert a row on the historical date and enter a pay code and amount to adjust the previous historical edit.  Be sure to add a comment and detailed note.
  • TIM Administrators identified by their school or division HR Officers and that attended TIM Administrator Upgrade training currently have access to make historical corrections in TIM.  To verify if you have this access, log into TIM and click on the Approval button.  If you see ‘Enable Edits’ in the list that appears, you have historical correction access.  If you have any questions about this access, you will need to contact your HR Officer.
  • If you experience an issue or a result that you do not understand, do not make another correction.  Review the Corrections page in the Audits widget as explained in the Historical Corrections section in the TIM Administrator Manual or the Historical Corrections CBT and then email for assistance if needed.  Please put HC in the subject line of your email so we know it is about a historical correction and provide as many details as possible in the body of the email.

TIM Upgrade Support

  • If there are any technical issues, such as not being able to log in or access TIM, or any data issues, such as not being able to find employees in your list or with employees finding their secondary positions, you must contact your IT support staff or call 919-962-HELP (4357) for assistance.
  • If you have a ‘how to‘ question about TIM, please refer to the section in the TIM Administrator manual first, or review a related CBT.  A lot of effort was made to update and enhance the TIM training materials for the upgrade, and we are confident that you will find most answers to your questions in these materials.
  • If after reviewing the TIM manual or other training materials, TIM Administrators may email with their ‘how to’ question.  Please provide a brief description in the subject line of the email, and the employee’s PID and name and details about what you need to do and how you are trying to do it in TIM in the body of the email.  Please also mention where in the manual you looked or the CBT you reviewed for an answer.  If the question is related to historical corrections, put HC in the subject line.
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