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To: Finance Staff, University Business Managers

From: DeAhn Baucom, University Cashier

Re: Associate University Cashier announcement

I am pleased to tell you that Kristy Nash joined the University Cashier’s office and Finance and Accounting team on November 1, in the newly-formed role of Associate University Cashier.

Our office’s constant goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our students and campus departmental customers, and we’ve examined and updated our organizational structure to respond to those changing needs.

Kristy has worked for the past few years as an employee and management relations consultant in the Office of Human Resources here at UNC-Chapel Hill. Before that, she held a variety of financial management roles, including director of parking at UNC-Greensboro. Prior to that, Kristy worked in a variety of roles in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Office of Transportation and Parking.

Her new duties include responsibility for customer service and collections operations in the Cashier’s Office. Thank you in advance for making her feel welcome in her new role.

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