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To: MOU Leads, University Business Managers

From: Martha Pendergrass, Director, Procurement Services

Beginning today, procurement document creators will begin receiving email alerts when the chart field strings attached to the documents contain budget errors.  The specific documents affected are:

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • PO Vouchers
  • Campus Vouchers

The email alert includes: document type, document number, a link to a training video of how to correct the budget error and a link to the transaction detail.

A sample of the email is below:

Message 1: Alerts – Requisition Budget Errors (30003,7)
Explanation: Requisition Budget Errors
Vendor: 0000063408 – GIOMAYAL SA DE CV
Requisition: UNCCH.1000165106
Entered On: 2016-06-22
Training: Budget Errors QRC

Go To: Transaction Detail

If you have any questions about these emails, you can reach out to me at, 919-843-5048, or on Skype for Business.

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