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To: Business Managers

From: Martha Pendergrass, Director of Procurement Services

You are receiving this as a reminder of Policy 1227 which states all purchase contracts entered into on behalf of the University are the exclusive responsibility of Procurement Services.

Catering services begin with a contract between the University and the catering vendor.  The contract should be attached to a Requisition created in ConnectCarolina requesting the services, along with a Waiver of Competition and Sole Source Justification.  This is an important step in limiting the University’s liability.  The contract is reviewed by Purchasing Services for the following items at a minimum:

  • Name of the party to ensure that the contract is actually with the University
  • Vendor Insurance
  • Breach and legal remedies (State of North Carolina law)
  • Signature authority

Once the contact language has been modified appropriately, Purchasing will create a purchase order and send to the vendor.

After the event, the invoice can be transmitted by VISP from either the department or the vendor directly.

Please address questions to Mark Sillman at or 919-962-9463.

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