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To:         University Employees

From:    Payroll Services

Re:       [Formal Notice] TIM Upgrade Coming Soon

An upgrade to the University’s TIM (Time Information Management) system is planned for late October 2016.  The upgraded version of TIM will provide better navigation with fewer mouse clicks and a reduction in internet browser issues.  The actions you do in TIM today will remain the same.

What Employees will experience after the TIM upgrade

For employees, entering and capturing time will work the same as it does today.  The process is streamlined and offers these benefits:

  • No clicks to get to your timecard; your important information appears on the main screen,
  • You will see timecard totals and accrual balances on the same screen as your timecard,
  • If you timestamp, you will see the Timestamp button and your timecard as soon as you log in and
  • There will be fewer Internet browser issues because the upgraded version of TIM does not use Java.
  • Badge terminals will function the same as they do today.  The upgrade will not change how you use them.

What Managers and TIM Administrators will experience after the TIM upgrade

For managers and TIM Administrators, viewing employee information will be more intuitive and easy to see alerts will be on the main screen.  The employees that you see in TIM today will not change with the upgrade.

Specific dates for the TIM upgrade will be announced soon and additional communications will be sent over the next few weeks.

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