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Welcome to the new web home for Finance! The site is responsive and scalable in a way that we hope will enable you to get the info you need whenever you need it – whether on a mobile device, laptop or desktop. Key features of this site include:

  • a focus on function using icons to direct you to info you need quickly,
  • a full staff listing of everyone in Finance in one location, and
  • more cross-references to policies and procedures, providing clarity.

Site Highlights

Homepage Icons

Our top eight most used pages (according to web hit counts) are big and bold right on the homepage for quick access.

Services Page

If the topic you need is not featured on the homepage, try the Services menu. This takes you to a page that organizes frequent search terms into eight broad topic areas, and includes links to related topics from other UNC-CH departments.

Find a Contact

The Contacts menu gives you several options for finding the contact you need. See the Contacts by Topic tab for a list of all of the topic-specific mailboxes available within Finance. For more information about your topic, the last column includes a link to the relevant department page.

The Staff Directory on the contacts page lists all Finance employees, plus each department landing page has a green Staff Directory button.

Department Pages

Whether you arrive on a department page via search, the services page, the contact topics list or by browsing the Finance and Budget Departments menu, once there you will find a plethora of information to help you get your job done. Useful links include the relevant policies and procedures, forms, training, and related information from other departments.

If you have suggestions or questions, please let us know.

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