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To: UNC Business Managers

It is time again for the UNC-GA Apply Bulk-Buy program. If your school or department has plans to make any Apple purchases, I encourage you to participate. Purchases made through this program typically yield an additional 2-4% discount over the existing UNC Chapel Hill negotiated contract discount of 5%; and the University’s participation also greatly helps all UNC system schools. To clarify, the procedure is for you to:

  1. Get an Apple proposal (quote) from the Apple Education Store or directly from the Apple rep (Mike Garcia – email: Please, no screen shots of a “shopping cart”. iPads and iPad AppleCare must be on a separate quote/purchase requisition from the other items. iPad will not be discounted further, but they are added to our total order and the cumulative amount of the total order determines the additional discounts on the other items. However, there are discounts on iPad when purchased in the 10 pack quantities. All other items have our “bulk buy” discount applied. The discount is available on all products, both Apple and third party, that are in the online Apple for Education catalog. It includes hardware, software, and accessories.
  2. Submit a purchase requisition in ConnectCarolina to be received in UNC-CH purchasing no later than MONDAY, AUGUST 29, and attach your Apple proposal. A purchase requisition is required regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase (to participate in the bulk-buy program). Bulk-Buy Program orders cannot go through ePro Vendor Catalog.

Note: Do not send quotes or orders directly to UNC-GA or Apple. UNC-CH purchasing must compile the Campus orders and submit to UNC-GA as one.

Apple will provide updated quotes back to UNC-CH purchasing; and purchasing will subsequently apply the discounts to the orders and issue the PO’s to Apple. Once you submit a purchase requisition, you do not need to do anything else – purchasing handles it all for you.

To avoid confusion at Apple and UNC-GA, it is important to follow the procedures above and;

  • Do not send quotes or proposals directly back to Apple reps or to UNC-GA. All purchases must first be compiled by UNC-CH purchasing.
  • Do not “cc” Apple reps or UNC-GA on emails sent to UNC-CH purchasing.
  • Do not submit “shopping carts” or screen prints of catalog pages. You must provide an actual Apple proposal.

Thank you for your cooperation and please contact me or Bob Myers if you have any questions.


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