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To: University Business Managers

Please see the following clarification from Facilities Services regarding the transition to Enterprise Rent-a-Car and its effect on transportation reimbursements.

TO: All University Employees
FROM: Darius Dixon, Executive Director of Facilities Operations
DATE: July 27, 2016
SUBJECT: CLARIFICATION Transition from Carolina Motor Pool to Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Based on feedback we are receiving from University staff, we would like to clarify the effect of the Enterprise Rent-a-Car program on transportation reimbursements.

The University policy regarding reimbursements for the use of personal vehicles has not changed or been eliminated.  University employees may continue to be reimbursed if they use a personal vehicle for University business per the guidelines as stated in Policy 1310 – Transportation Expenses:

Please note that as Enterprise has an unlimited inventory of vehicles, per the policy, University employees who still choose to use their personal vehicles will be reimbursed at the lower motor fleet rate of 34 cents per mile (effective January 1, 2016) and not the business standard rate of 54 cents per mile.  We apologize for the implication that the policy itself had been eliminated or changed, and have edited the original memo below to clarify.

UNC Fleet Management Department

TO: All University Employees
FROM: Darius Dixon, Executive Director of Facilities Operations
DATE: July 21, 2016
SUBJECT: Transition from Carolina Motor Pool to Enterprise Rent-A-Car

On Sept. 1, 2015, the State of North Carolina entered into a contract with Enterprise and Hertz rental car agencies for the state’s short-term rentals. This decision was based upon the favorable contract terms regarding cost, convenience and the use of newer and more efficient vehicles.

On Jan. 15, 2016, N.C. Motor Fleet Management eliminated its short-term rental program, consisting of approximately 200 vehicles, and referred their customers to the two rental agencies.

We conducted our own on-campus analysis, comparing trips by Carolina Motor Pool (CMP) customers to Enterprise Rent-a-Car. The results indicated that the majority of the trips cost less with an Enterprise vehicle. The analysis also indicated that CMP has vehicles that have over 100,000 miles, and CMP’s rate structure is not set up to provide funds to replace high-mileage vehicles.

Other benefits of using Enterprise include:

  • Vehicles can be picked up at any rental location, eliminating the need to come to campus first;
  • Rental locations are open on Saturday, and some locations have Sunday hours;
  • Vehicles are less than three years old;
  • Enterprise has an unlimited inventory of vehicles, so University reimbursements for use of personal vehicles will be eliminated;
  • Insurance is included in the cost of the rental;
  • Enterprise offers free pick-up service;
  • There are unlimited miles on all vehicle classes;
  • There are no underage or additional driver’s fees;
  • Enterprise offers monthly rental discounts.

We are scheduling the transition from Carolina Motor Pool to Enterprise Rent-a-Car to be completed by Aug. 15, 2016. Reservations that are already scheduled with the CMP will automatically be transferred to the local Enterprise office if they begin after that date.

Detailed information about making reservations, billing information and other logistics will be shared soon, and will also be posted on the UNC Facilities Services website.

No University staff will be laid off due to this transition, and current staff will be assigned new roles within the fleet department. The fleet department will also manage the relationship between the University and Enterprise.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at any time:
Mark Stark, University Fleet Manager, 919-966-2967,
Alice Moore, Administrative Support Specialist, 919-962-6676,

We at the Carolina Motor Pool have enjoyed working with each and every one of our customers over the years. We have strived to provide a great service and experience for each customer, and are confident that this new relationship with Enterprise will continue this.

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