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To: MOU Financial Leads
University Business Managers
HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
Research Administrators Support Group

From: Walter Miller, Labor Accounting Manager

Re: New payroll suspense procedure

As previously mentioned in a June communication, we have developed a new payroll suspense procedure, which follows the payroll suspense policy. For fiscal year 2017, the University’s goal is for zero payroll suspense charges to remain for more than 90 days. The commitment accounting team will be monitoring payroll suspense, providing helpful reports and information, following up as needed, and available to assist units with questions. Feel free to email with any questions. A commitment accounting webpage also is under development and will provide tools to assist in proactively managing payroll suspense.

I also wanted to make you aware of some process adjustments occurring over the next few months which could affect payroll suspense. Since May 29, 2015, funding end dates (e.g. Sponsored Project – Project End Dates) have been treated as soft end dates in the payroll distribution process and haven’t been sent to payroll suspense. As of September 1, 2016, payroll that is charged to Projects which have been reported to the sponsor and Closed in ConnectCarolina will be sent to payroll suspense. Later in the fall, most likely November 1, funding end dates will be treated as hard end dates in the payroll distribution process, and payroll that is charged will be sent to payroll suspense.

OSR will be implementing a number of new initiatives which will be shared at the Research Symposium on July 29, and will include a proactive communications procedure which will aid in this process adjustment. Please encourage your research administrators to attend. Several reports are under development and will be released soon to aid in this process adjustment.

Additional information on the Research Symposium can be found at the found below:

Thank you for your work in managing payroll suspense.

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