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To: ConnectCarolina Campus Journal Users
MOU Financial Leads
University Business Managers

From: ConnectCarolina Project Team

Please review the following important information.

Finance discovered yesterday that an application bug introduced on May 17, 2016, failed to update ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte budget available amounts for some journal transactions that were budget-checked online.  The transactions were processed appropriately; both ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte show actual expenditures correctly.  You can see those values on the GL Activity tab in InfoPorte.  UNC-Chapel Hill’s financial reporting to the State has been and remains accurate.

What is UNC-Chapel Hill doing about the problem?

Finance and Information Technology are working closely with our vendor to obtain a patch to prevent this problem from occurring in the future.  We expect the fix to be in place by the end of this week.  In the meantime, we will run a correction process each night to ensure the budget available correctly reflects expenditures processed during that day.

NOTE:  When we correct problem transactions, the “Recon Ready” flag for these transactions in InfoPorte will be reset.  This means that if you have marked these entries as reconciled for May or June, you’ll need to mark them again.  Transactions that are tagged with an IPT Cost Code or that have Comments will also be reset, and the information will need to be re-entered.

How did this problem affect UNC?

Journals you entered, budget-checked, and approved after May 17 were processed and are reflected in actual expenditures.  For some of these transactions, budget-checking failed to update the budget available that is displayed in the ConnectCarolina Budgets Overview screen and the Ledger Rollups and tabs in InfoPorte.  In these cases, you will also notice transactions missing from InfoPorte’s Transactions tab.

Example of the problem:  You have a journal with a chartfield string for F&A and one for Trust. You may notice a transaction is missing from F&A, but is present in Trust. Or you may find that lines are missing from both F&A and Trust.

How may this problem have affected you?

If you manage your funds based on balance available, you may have believed you had more or less funds available than you actually did.  By Thursday, June 23, corrections will have been made for transactions entered between May 17 and June 22 and budget balances for those periods will be correct.  We will make additional corrections on the evenings of Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24 for the journals entered, budget-checked and approved online during those days.

  • To help you see which journals were affected, the journal entries that were re-budget checked will be listed on the Issues & Fixes page on the website (

What do you need to do?

On Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24 morning, check your budget balance using the ConnectCarolina Budgets Overview screen or the Ledger Roll tab in InfoPorte for correct balances as of the end of the previous day.  Use InfoPorte’s Transactions tab to see additional transactions.

We apologize for challenges this problem causes, especially now at year end.  We’ll update the Issues & Fixes page on the website ( with new information as we learn it. Users should submit a Remedy ticket if they encounter additional errors.

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