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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
Date: May 16, 2016
Subject: Timecard Exception Indicators

Removal of Some Timecard Exception Indicators

Non-Exempt employee timecards currently show an exception indicator when a day is not worked or a Time In or Out does not match the employee’s schedule. This exception indicator also may appear even when the employee does not have a schedule in TIM.

The exception indicator appears as a red box around the Date or the Time In or Out in the timecard. This exception indicator does NOT affect an employee’s time worked or pay in any way.

Some timecard exception indicators will be removed from non-exempt employee timecards this week. This was requested in order to make the timecard easier to read. Also, it is a feature that is not used regularly in TIM.

Please communicate to your department(s), especially Managers and Non-Exempt employees, that a change is being made to Non-Exempt employee timecards this week that will reduce the amount of red boxes around dates and Times In and Out. This change will make the timecard easier to read and will not affect time worked or pay.

Missed Times In or Out show a filled-in red box in the timecard. If not corrected, the employee will not be paid for that shift worked. This indicator is NOT being removed.

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