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This Finance and Accounting Update email is for Business Managers, MOU Leads, ConnectCarolina Finance Liaisons, Finance Council, Finance TIPs, Finance Campus Working Groups and Finance Division staff.  Please share with the ConnectCarolina Finance users in your school/division.

Top Issues

  • REMINDER! December Month-End Close Deadline:  Validated campus journal entries and data collect batches (journal imports) should be received by Accounting Services by close of business Tuesday, Dec. 29. It is critical that journal imports with state funds are submitted on or before this date.
  • NEW! PAAT Processing: Bugs in PAAT processing mentioned last week were fixed. PAAT transactions fully approved by 1 p.m., Dec. 16 appeared in InfoPorte on Dec. 17. PAAT processing did not occur on Dec. 17 or Dec. 18 due to the regular payroll processing for M06, and will resume on Monday, Dec. 21.
  • NEW! FY 2015/2016 Bonus Payment:  Due to a requirement from the Office of the State Controller, the one-time lump sum compensation bonus awarded to eligible employees was charged to account 514910 for tracking purposes.
  • NEW! New Finan$eer Is Live: The new Finan$eer is ready and available from the ConnectCarolina home page. As a reminder, for UNC Chapel Hill only  enhanced reporting users will be able to use the new Finan$eer.  The reason for this is that the new Finan$eer does not have the row level security that exists in the mainframe based system.  The legacy Finan$eer applications will be turned off after December 31.
  • W-4 and NC-4 Access added to ConnectCarolina Employee Self Service Menu:  Employees have access to their own current NC-4 and W-4 withholding forms for federal and state of North Carolina taxes.  Individuals who need technical assistance viewing their personal W-4 or NC-4 forms should contact the Help Desk at 962-HELP.  Individuals should contact Payroll Services at if they are unable to update their own W-4 or NC-4 after working with the Help Desk. Links to the memo and the help document can be found in the Online Employee Tax Forms webpage:

Important Reminders and Resources

  • New Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT) CBT: Adjusting Funding Sources for Past Pay Periods Using PAAT, a new computer-based training, explains when to use PAAT and the difference between a PAAT adjustment and a Funding Swap ePAR. It also covers the steps you’ll need to take to create, manage and submit a PAAT adjustment.
  • Current Issues List:  Check out the frequently updated list of Current Issues Being Worked.  This list, in the Issues/Fixes section of, contains current system issues raised via help tickets and/or testing.  For most of these, investigations into the causes and fixes are still taking place, but it can be used as a resource for users to know that the project team is aware of and working on specific system issues.


Users should utilize the Business Systems Help Desk when they are unsure who to contact for issue resolution.  This is the fastest way to obtain assistance and allows the project team to be able to track issues to determine the scale of the impact to all users.

Users can reach the Business Systems Help Desk at 919-962-HELP or via a remedy ticket submitted online at (select ConnectCarolina > ConnectCarolina Finance > the appropriate area of concern).

Suggestions for content can be emailed to

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