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To:         University Business Managers

From:    Deon Hallback, Cash Management

This email is specifically for those who are responsible for graduate students enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP).  A few reminders for the coming semester:

  • Students who are graduating, withdrawing, or no longer working need to be entered into the system before December 20th. Please email me once you are finished updating the student’s status.
  • If you have RAs or TAs who were just hired, be sure to submit their GSHIP paperwork by December 20th so that a policy ID number can be issued to them prior to the January 1, 2015, policy effective date.
  • Spouse and dependent coverage is available on the GSHIP plan, and can be completed directly with Blue Cross/Blue Shield at 1-800-579-8022.

Please contact me at 919-962-7793 or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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