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To:       HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
MOU Financial Leads
University Business Managers
Finance Council Members

From:  Brian Simet, Director, Payroll Services

Re:       W-2 Access to be added to ConnectCarolina Employee Self Service Menu

The following communication will be sent to all University employees via a Formal Notice email.  Individuals who need technical assistance viewing or printing their personal W-2 form should contact the Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.  Individuals should contact Payroll Services at if they are unable to print their W-2 after working with the Help Desk.

2014 W-2s via self-service is the first in a series of steps to transform the W-2 distribution process.

The memo below and the job aid document linked from the memo below have been translated and will be posted to the Online Employee Tax Forms webpage:

Dear University Employee,

Payroll Services has made W-2 forms for the 2014 tax year available for viewing via the Self Service menu on the ConnectCarolina home page.

The online availability of 2014 W-2s is the first step in the University’s green initiative to eliminate the central distribution of printed W-2s for active employees.  In January 2016, all employees will receive a printed W-2 for tax year 2015, and will have access to the 2015 W-2 via self-service. Later in 2016, employees will be able to opt out of receiving a paper W-2 and utilize the self-service option.  The new self-service option offers the following benefits:

  • Active employees can access and print their 2014 W-2s at any time, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  The functionality can be especially useful for employees who need to access their W-2 information in a timely manner when applying for personal loans and other banking needs.
  • The electronic W-2 is just as official as the paper version you normally receive from Payroll Services – no special paper is needed.

Note that while the new option is convenient and is the first in a series of online self-service tax forms to be made available, Payroll Services can print individual W-2 forms for employees that need paper versions.  Employees who have technical problems viewing or printing their W-2 should contact the Help Desk at 919-962-HELP.

W-2s for calendar year 2015 and going forward will be available online in early January 2016 and most likely will be available a bit sooner than the paper version issued by Payroll Services.   W-2s for years prior to 2014 will not be available on ConnectCarolina.

Former employees will continue to receive paper W-2s via U.S. mail, and also have the option of accessing 2014 and onward W-2s via a guest account in ConnectCarolina.

Step-by-step instructions and user tips for how to find your W-2 can be found on the the ConnectCarolina User website, Online Employee Tax Forms page:

We are also excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will share information about a new self-service option for submitting NC-4s and W-4s.  The online submittal of these forms will be a very convenient alternative to submitting the customary paper copy of these forms.

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