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To:          School/Division HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

Business Managers

From:    Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director, Employment & Staffing, Office of Human Resources

As a follow-up to the Sept. 14 announcement, all campus departments must completely transition to the new online background check request process effective Dec. 4, 2015After Dec. 4, paper Background Check Request Forms will no longer be accepted and will be returned to the submitting department. 

All hiring supervisors and managers who need to submit a background check request must do so through their designated School/Division representative. Designated representatives selected by their HR Officer or Business Manager and approved by OHR will be responsible for initiating background checks via the Castle Branch/CertifiedBackground portal.

Following are important reminders for designated School/Division representatives who initiate background checks:

Refer to Reference Materials When Initiating a Background Check Invitation

  • Be certain to use the desk reference and package selection matrix when initiating invitations within the portal to avoid errors, delays and additional fees.
  • Complete all required fields in the online request and select the correct package when initiating your online invitation.  Incorrect or incomplete requests or package selections will result in incomplete background check components, repeat background checks and additional fees.

Refer to the Portal Dashboard for Status Updates

Certified Background Status Indicators (Status Column)

  • Issued: The background check invitation has been sent; however, the candidate has not yet completed the background check questionnaire.
  • In Process: Candidate has completed the questionnaire and the background check is in progress.
  • Complete: CertifiedBackground has completed the background check and the results are being processed in OHR/central office(s). Once the “Status” indicator changes to “Complete”, please refer to the “Classification” column on the School/Division portal dashboard for OHR/central office status and allow 24-48 hours for internal processing.

OHR/Central Office Status Indicators (Classification Column)

  • In Process BGC Unit: The Background Check Unit is analyzing the results, creating the departmental billing file, creating and updating the PID (Empl ID) record for the background check candidate in ConnectCarolina. 
  • Issued to EPA-NF Office (for EPA-NF and Post Doc Appointments): The background check includes adverse results and has been forwarded to the EPA-NF Office for further review and determination.

Issued to Employment

  • For SPA Permanent and Unpaid Volunteer, Intern or Visiting Scholar Appointments: The background check has been forwarded to the supporting OHR Employment Consultant for the next steps.
  • For SPA Temporary, Independent Contractor and Other Affiliate Appointments: The background check includes adverse results and has been forwarded to the OHR Background Check Consultant for further review.
  • Closed: OHR/central office analysis and processing has been completed.  The final results and pricing for the background check have been provided to the requesting department.

When the Background Check Summary Document is Made Available

Summary is Uploaded when Classification Status Indicator is “Closed”

  • EPA Non-Faculty
  • EPA Temporary
  • Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Post Doc and Post Doc ABD (all but dissertation)
  • SPA Temporary
  • Independent Contractors
  • Other UNC/Non-UNC Employee

Summary is not Uploaded (check with Employment Consultant for results

  • SPA Permanent
  • Unpaid Volunteers
  • Unpaid Interns
  • Unpaid Visiting Scholars


Contact Background Check Unit Supervisor Sabrina Lewis at 919-962-2903 or Background Specialists Karen Echelberry at 919-843-4413, Karressa Overbey at 919-962-9768 or Cortney Thuringer at 919-962-0368 if you have operational questions.

Thank you for supporting the University’s efforts to ensure campus safety through the background check process.

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