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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
Date: November 16, 2015

First Month Accrual Reminder

For all new permanent employees, please check whether the employee should earn leave in the calendar month in which they start work.

Because Vacation and Sick leave hours are automatically granted to all active employees in TIM on the last day of the month, for employees who did not qualify, two historical edits will need to be entered to remove the incorrect leave earnings. Be sure to check ONLY the Impacts Accruals box in the historical edits.

The fields in the historical edits will have the following information:

  • Historical Date: last day of the month accruals were earned incorrectly (must be signed off)
  • Pay Code: Vacation or Sick
  • Amount: Positive amount of hours earned incorrectly (positive amount decreases the balance)
  • Effective Date: First Monday of the open (not signed off) pay period
  • Checkbox: Check ONLY the Impacts Accruals box
  • Comment: Manual Accrual Adjustment
  • Note: Mention that accruals were earned at the end of the month in TIM but that the employee did qualify.

Please Note:

  • Historical edits cannot be entered until the historical date has been signed off in TIM.
  • For detailed instructions on how to enter historical edits, please review the Historical Edits snippet #7.
  • To review accrual earnings, takings, and balances in TIM, an Accrual Detail report should be run. For detailed instructions, please review the Reports snippet #2.
  • Please contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions about qualifying for leave hours.
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