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This Finance Division Update email is for Business Managers, MOU Leads, ConnectCarolina Finance Liaisons, Finance Council, Finance TIPs, Finance Campus Working Groups and Finance Division staff.  Please share with the ConnectCarolina Finance users in your school/division.  We will send updates weekly and as needed.

Top Issues

  • NEW! November Month-End Close Deadline:  Validated campus journal entries and data collect batches (journal imports) should be received by Accounting Services by close of business Monday, Nov. 30. It is critical that journal imports with state funds are submitted on or before this date.
  • NEW! Finance Central Links: Some users may have noticed that effective Nov. 4 at 5 p.m., all links on Finance Central were removed except the UNC-Account Request, Finan$eer, and ePrint. Most of these linked tools have moved into ConnectCarolina, and the links for the systems that are staying, such as Web Travel, are now available from ConnectCarolina.  For more information, go to the legacy systems page on the website.
  • NEW! Getting Access to the Finance Data Warehouse: The Finance Legacy Data Warehouse is in InfoPorte. To see if you have access, click the Legacy Accounts button in the top, right corner of InfoPorte and then look for a Legacy Warehouse tab.  If you don’t have it, you can work with your InfoPorte Administrator to get it.  If your InfoPorte Administrator has questions, they should contact the Help Desk.  Your administrator can follow these steps to give you access:
    1. Click the Settings button from the top right toolbar, and go to the Permissions
    2. Enter search criteria for the person you want to give access to and click the Search
    3. Mark the checkbox next to the person you are giving access to.
    4. Click the legacy edit link, which is on the same row with the person’s name.
    5. In the Unit field, select the department for which the person needs to have legacy access.
    6. In the Current Functions field, select the applicable functions.
    7. main HR view: Employees > Employee
    8. main Finance views: GL Accounts > GL Views and SL Accounts > SL Views
    9. Click the Add
    10. Click the Save Changes
  • NEW! GradStar CBT:  A new GradStar CBT is now online—it’s the first of three and is called “Using GradStar to View and Enter Student Awards”.

Important Reminders and Resources

  • Current Issues List:  Check out the frequently updated list of Current Issues Being Worked.  This list, in the Issues/Fixes section of, contains current system issues raised via help tickets and/or testing.  For most of these, investigations into the causes and fixes are still taking place, but it can be used as a resource for users to know that the project team is aware of and working on specific system issues.
  • Reporting Requests In The Works: You asked for it — a tool to see what reports campus has requested.  The list of campus-facing requested reports can now be found on this page. To find the list, go to > Reporting > In The Works.


Users should utilize the Business Systems Help Desk when they are unsure who to contact for issue resolution.  This is the fastest way to obtain assistance and allows the project team to be able to track issues to determine the scale of the impact to all users.

Users can reach the Business Systems Help Desk at 919-962-HELP or via a remedy ticket submitted online at (select ConnectCarolina > ConnectCarolina Finance > the appropriate area of concern).

Suggestions for content can be emailed to

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