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To: University Business Managers
From: Beverly Wyrick, Director of Finance and Administration, The Graduate School

Please review the following information on errors encountered when entering awards in GradStar:

  • Tuition/Fees Not Allowed Errors: If an OSR project is flagged to NOT allow payment of tuition and fees, you will receive an error message and will not be able to save the award. Contact your OSR program administrator for assistance.
  • Budget Errors: A budget checking tool checks your GradStar entries for valid budget. The tool completes the budget check within a day of you submitting the entry. If your entry has a budget error, you will receive an email the next day. The award will not be processed until the error is resolved.
    There are two options for resolving the error:

    1. Work with your business office to set up or move budget so that the entry passes. This is what you will need to do most of the time. Your original entries in GradStar will continue to go through nightly budget checking until they pass, which will occur once your business office sets up or moves budget. You do not need to inactivate and re-enter award entries in this scenario.
    2. Contact your OSR program administrator for assistance.
  • Chartfield Errors: If a chartfield you enter has an edit error, when you click Save, an error message displays on the screen. You’ll need to resolve the error and re-submit your entry. The system won’t save any entries on the screen if one of the chartfields has an error. Chartfield errors include attempting to enter a chartfield that does not exist or are not an allowable combination.
Account Codes Used in GradStar
Account Code Old FRS Object Description Fund Types
568110 6511 Undergraduate non-service scholarships State Funds
568120 6512 Graduate student non-service fellowships
Graduate student Tuition Awards
Graduate student Fee Awards
State Funds
569170 6593 Undergraduate non-service scholarships Non-State Funds
569180 6594 Graduate non-service fellowships Non-State Funds
568730 6573 Trainee Tuition and Fee Awards OSR Funds
568810 6577 Instate Tuition AwardsUsed when students meet eligibility requirements to receive instate tuition awards. Eligibility includes receiving the minimum stipend, having full time status, and appropriate degree intent. All Funds

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