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To:     MOU Financial Leads
University Business Managers
HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From: Brian Simet, Interim Director, Payroll Services

Date: September 9, 2015

Notice: All retroactive legacy salary funding adjustments for the period prior to October 1, 2014, must be submitted before 12 noon on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015.

As indicated in a notice recently sent to the University Research Community by Robin Cyr,  Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Director of the Office of Sponsored Research, “Effective October 1, 2015, the Funding Swap ePAR system will no longer accommodate retroactive salary [funding] adjustments for the period prior to the launch of ConnectCarolina Finance and HR/Payroll (October 1, 2014).  In order to provide sufficient time for the Office of Sponsored Research [and the Budget Office] to review and process the retroactive salary [funding] adjustments, all adjustments must be initiated by the campus and submitted prior to 12 noon on September 25, 2015.”

NOTE: The message referenced above refers only to the retroactive salary adjustments on legacy system payments performed through the ePAR Funding Swap form.

In the coming weeks we will be sending out information about the replacement for the outgoing Short Term Retro Tool, which is used to perform salary funding adjustments for the period after the launch of ConnectCarolina.  More information about the new system, called Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT), will be communicated shortly, including the projected go-live date. The Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool (PAAT) will not allow you to perform adjustments on legacy payrolls.

We expect that there will be a brief period of time between the Short Term Retro tool’s decommission and the go-live of PAAT when retroactive salary funding adjustments cannot be performed.  Given the importance of this function, we are doing our best to keep the transition to a period of less than two weeks.  We will communicate those dates to you in the very near future so that you may plan accordingly.

For your reference, the following are some commonly used terms related to this transition:

  • Legacy retros – retroactively adjusting payrolls prior to go-live
  • Short term retro – the short term solution for retroactively adjusting PeopleSoft payrolls
  • PAAT – the long term solution for retroactively adjusting PeopleSoft payrolls
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