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To:      University Business Managers
Finance and Accounting Employees

From: Troy Howell, Finance Training Coordinator

Date: June 23, 2015

There will be an outage affecting the Student Administration component of ConnectCarolina on Thursday, June 25, beginning at 5 p.m. and ending at approximately midnight  as part of the Summer II census activities. Census is the official University enrollment reporting date.

Faculty, students and staff will NOT be able to access ConnectCarolina Student Center during this time.

The Finance component is NOT affected by this outage.  However, the ePAR hire form for HR/Payroll is impacted, as are some services related to Onyen, PID and Guest ID.

During the June 25 outage, the following functions may experience limited and/or no functionality:

  • The following ConnectCarolina applications, including:
    • Student Administration
    • Third Party Proxy Access
    • ePAR hire form
  • TouchNet (students and third party proxies cannot pay bills; applicants cannot pay enrollment deposits)
  • Some Guest ID and Onyen update services
  • PID Create
  • UNC Directory (lookups available, but not updates)
  • UNC Online Applications for enrollment (Summer School, Nursing, Part-time Studies, etc.)
  • Friday Center Applications (CPPSReg, PDEPReg, CEU, FCCPS)


Help Desk: 919-962-HELP or

For the most up-to-date system status, please go to

We appreciate your cooperation.

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