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This Finance Division Update email is for Business Managers, MOU Leads, ConnectCarolina Finance Liaisons, Finance Council, Finance TIPs, Finance Campus Working Groups and Finance Division staff.  Please share with the ConnectCarolina Finance users in your school/division.  We will send updates weekly and as needed.

Top Issues

  • NEW! May Month-End Close Deadline:  Validated campus journal entries, data collect batches and journal uploads should be received by Accounting Services by close of business on Thursday, May 28.

    All types of campus journal entries that are not received by Accounting Services before May 28, should be deleted by campus users.  Otherwise, they will be deleted by Accounting Services.

  • NEW!  HR Budgets: Fiscal Year 2016 HR budget information has now been established in the ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll system and is available for action processing. For more information, view the communication distributed to campus users earlier this week. Future year budgets for employees on State funds only were also rolled forward.

    As a follow up to the memo sent earlier this week, please hold off on updating future-year budget fields on any ePAR that has a funding grid.  Due to bug in the ePAR form, attempted updates to future-year budget fields will not be recorded by the Department Budget Table (DBT).

  • CLARIFICATION! Fiscal Year-End:  Please review the Fiscal Year-end Closing Dates and Procedures for 2015.  As a point of clarification, please see the bold text related to the following line items:
    • June 15:  Last day to submit departmentally-approved campus vouchers (valid budget and no match exceptions), independent contractor, and travel reimbursement payments including appropriate documentation to Disbursement Services to ensure payment in fiscal year 2014-2015. Vouchers submitted after this date need to be held and submitted in the new fiscal year. You can still enter vouchers after this June 15, but they will be held and processed after July 1.
    • June 15:  Last day to submit requisitions on fiscal year 2014-15 budget. The requisitions have to be budget checked and fully approved by this date.
    • June 19:  Last day for ePro Vendor Catalog invoices from Airgas, Agilent, Apple, Applied Industrial, BioRad, CDW-G, Dell, Fastenal, Fisher Scientific, Grainger, Graybar, Life Technologies, Mayer Electric, MSC, Perkins Elmer, Roche, Sigma Aldrich, Staples, and VWR to be billed in fiscal year 2014-2015. Please plan ahead for purchases that will be needed during June. June 19 is the last date that Vendor Catalog vendors can electronically submit invoices that will be paid from FY 2015 dollars.  If the vendor does not send the invoice by that date, it will be paid from 2016 budgets. 

Important Reminders and Resources

  • Reconciling Transactions Training:  Learn how to verify your transactions and know your balances in the new Reconciling Transactions in InfoPorte computer-based training module.
  • Year-End Close Prep Course:  There are multiple sessions of the course Preparing for Year-End Close: Reviewing Open Transactions will discuss how to identify open (unposted) transactions and either delete or process them, in preparation for year-end close. Refer to the ConnectCarolina training calendar for dates and times.


Users should utilize the Business Systems Help Desk when they are unsure who to contact for issue resolution.  This is the fastest way to obtain assistance and allows the project team to be able to track issues to determine the scale of the impact to all users.

Users can reach the Business Systems Help Desk at 919-962-HELP or via a remedy ticket submitted online at (select ConnectCarolina > ConnectCarolina Finance > the appropriate area of concern).

Functional or business process questions – plus any tips you have to offer – can be added to the ConnectCarolina user discussion forums.
Suggestions for content can be emailed to

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