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To:     MOU Leads, Business Managers
School/Division HR Officers
ConnectCarolina HR/Payroll Liaisons
ConnectCarolina Finance Liaisons
Research Administrator Support Group

From: Andy Johns, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Dennis Press, University Controller

The Retroactive Funding Transfer Application launched today allows Schools, Divisions and Departments to make retroactive salary source changes on payrolls paid since the October 2014 go-live of Finance and HR/Payroll in ConnectCarolina.

Over the weekend and on Monday, inaccurate salary distributions were corrected in HR/Payroll and will be posted to the General Ledger and available in reports by the end of March.  Important information about labor distributions:

  • Biweekly Payrolls B06 through B16 and Monthly Payrolls M06 through M08 were corrected.
  • The salary distribution calculation process has been modified, and B17 and all subsequent payrolls should accurately calculate and record salary distributions.
  • The modification requires the removal of payroll encumbrances for the remainder of this fiscal year, and a separate communication will be distributed later this week to address encumbrances and release of the planned Labor Projections Report.

The Retroactive Funding Transfer Application is now available to correct charging and to move expenses off suspense.

What is in this communication?

This communication includes information about:

  • Who has access to the short-term retro funding application for data entry and approvals
  • Where to find the short-term retro funding application
  • Highlights of what the application does, including which pay periods can be adjusted using the application and when the retro changes are posted to the General Ledger (GL)
  • Important notes – please read these!
  • How to get help
  • What training is being offered, including links to documentation

Information on encumbrances and retros is collected on a single web page which will be updated as new information is available:

Retroactive Funding Transfer Application

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and ITS collaborated to build a an application for processing retroactive salary source changes for pay periods that were run in ConnectCarolina beginning with the Biweekly payroll paid on October 3 (B06) and the Monthly payroll paid on October 31 (M04). This application enables authorized users to process a retroactive funding transfer for an individual for a single pay period and is intended to provide a short-term solution until a more robust permanent solution is ready; this is targeted for July 1, 2015.

Because the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application is built outside of ConnectCarolina, it looks and works a bit different from the Funding Swap ePAR form.

The short-term retro fix application can be used only for payrolls run in ConnectCarolina. This means it will not work on converted data, or for changes going forward.  For retros on labor expenses paid in September 2014 or earlier use the Funding Swap ePAR form in ConnectCarolina.

Access to the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application

  • Departmental personnel who have access to the Funding Swap ePAR form in ConnectCarolina also have access to the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application.
  • Approvals for retroactive funding transfers mirror your department’s approvals for the Funding Swap ePAR form, except the retroactive funding transfers do not go to the Budget Office for approval.

How to find the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application

You will find the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application in the portal after you login to ConnectCarolina.  The menu path is: Main Menu > HR WorkCenter > Funding Sources > Retro Funding Swap-Post 10/1.  You will need to login to the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application with Onyen and password.

Highlights of what the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application does

  • After you prepare and save a retroactive funding swap, the system routes it for approval.
  • When the transaction is fully approved, it goes into a nightly journal file that is processed and posted in ConnectCarolina.  Budget checking and posting to the General Ledger (GL) occurs at this time. The transaction will appear in InfoPorte the day after it posts to the General Ledger.
  • In InfoPorte Finance, the retro looks like a payroll transaction, with a HR_PAYROLL transaction type. The accounting date for the retro is the date you made the change.
  • You cannot start a new retro for a person and pay period if another retro has been initiated but not completed on that same person and pay period.
  • If a retro has already been completed, you can perform another retro on that same person and pay period on top of it.
  • You cannot increase or decrease a person’s total funding using this tool, because there has to be a net zero action to process the funding swap.  To change a person’s compensation you must continue to use ePAR forms.
  • There is no limit to the lines of funding a person can have.

Important Notes:

  • Please note that if you’ve paid a person using sponsored project funds, you must comply with that sponsors rules.  Expenditures that do not comply with sponsor requirements must be covered by your department.
  • Finance, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, and ITS are reviewing funding swaps that were submitted on the ePAR funding swap form and will provide you guidance in about a week on how to handle them.
  • Labor distribution errors on Biweekly payrolls B06-B16 and Monthly payrolls M06-M08 were corrected over last weekend and you will be able to perform retroactive funding transfers on these corrections.
  • The program to correct the inaccurate distribution of payroll actuals created unnecessary rows of data on some employees.  For some employees whose actuals did not need correction, the system generated a reversal to the original amount, then re-posted the original amount. The net effect was $0.
  • Another effect of the program is that payroll actuals were redistributed based on the percentage of the total salary. This is a good thing, in that distribution is no longer based on budget amount. This results in employees being moved out of suspense as of B06 for those employees with a low budget amount in the Department Budget Table.  Please review corrected actuals carefully before using the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application to retro employees who went to suspense due to low budget amount effective in B06 or later.

How to get help with the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application

If you have any issues completing a retro, contact the Help Desk at 919-962-HELP or online at

Training for using the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application

You will find documentation for using the tool on the Resource Documents page of the website in the HR/Payroll section: The direct link to the short-term fix documentation is:

There will be a webinar to provide training on how to use the Retroactive Funding Transfer Application. Please check with your MOU Lead on training for your school/division.

  • Friday 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. (all campus)
  • To join the session, click on this link:
  • For tips on using Blackboard Collaborate to view webinars, click and look for the heading “Webinar Tips.”

Additional information:

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