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To:     MOU Leads
School/Division HR Officers
University Business Managers

From: Dennis Press, University Controller

Date:  March 17, 2015

Effective immediately, the HR/Payroll system will be locked out on each payroll confirm day from 7-11 p.m. so a Commitment Accounting process can be run to ensure the correct distribution of payroll actuals. During this “CA lockout,” no new ePARs can be originated or approved, and the link to the ePAR Home Page will be unavailable for both Finance and HR users.

This is significantly different from the payroll lockout, when actions can be originated and approved, but are held at the Integration Broker until the lockout is lifted.

The CA lockout dates will be added to the HR/Payroll calendars.

If you have questions, please contact Dennis Press at or 919-962-7007.

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