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To:     School/Division HR Officers and Secondary Contacts
University Business Managers
From: Noreen Montgomery, Senior Director, Employment & Staffing, Office of Human Resources

Date: January 20, 2014

As a follow-up to our Sept. 15 announcement, all campus departments have now fully transitioned to using the new background check request form and the online candidate process effective Dec. 30, 2014.

In support of the University’s efforts to ensure campus safety through the background check process, here are some important reminders:

Reminders and Instructions
Important Reminder Additional Instructions
Submit the Background Check Request Form in a timely manner
  • All background checks must be completed prior to the date of hire for all appointments requiring a background check.
  • Background check requests may be submitted as far as 90 days prior to the date of hire/appointment.
  • Unless an Independent Contractor meets the criteria for exemption from the background check requirement (as stated in Independent Contractor Procedure 708.1), background checks must be completed for Independent Contractors prior to the services being provided.

Note: Background check results remain valid for 90 days. Submitting a background check too early will result in the department having to complete a new background check prior to the hire/appointment date.  Submitting a background check request late will result in compliance issues and the hire/appointment being delayed.

Use the correct version of the Background Check Request Form

Note: Failure to use the correct form will result in the request being returned to you for completion before the background check will be conducted.

Fully complete the Background Check Request Form
  • Complete all appropriate fields on the request form.
  • Provide the correct candidate/appointee email address.  Incorrect email addresses will cause delays in initiating the online background check invite to the candidate.
  • Indicate the name of the department representative designated to receive the background check results and summary page on the Background Check Request form.  The results and summary page will only be returned to the person indicated on the request.

Note: Incorrect or incomplete forms will be returned to the department for correction or completion.

Provide correct chartfield information on the Background Check Request Form
  • Provide accurate chartfield string information for background check fees. Provide the chartfield Source, Fund and Department Number. These are required fields.
  • Project ID is required when using Fund codes beginning with “252.”
  • Program and Cost codes are optional fields.

Note: Providing incomplete and/or incorrect chartfield information will result in a delay in completing the background check process.

Properly submit the Background Check Request Form
  • The one-page background check request form should be sent to, with a copy sent to the OHR Employment Consultant, if applicable.

Note: To ensure security of sensitive information, never email any forms or documents that include Social Security number (SSN).

Please contact the Background Check Unit Supervisor, Sabrina Lewis, at 919-962-2903, or Background Specialists Karen Echelberry at 919-843-4413 or Karressa Overbey at 919-962-9768 if you have operational questions.

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