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To: University Business Managers
Finance Division Staff

From: Troy Howell, Finance Training Coordinator

Date: January 13, 2015

The Finance Division is offering several classroom training sessions in 2015. Register for trainings at You can browse events by sponsor. Our sponsor name is Finance Training. Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail. For a list of Finance Training resources, please visit

Financial Environment Training For New Employees (High-Level Overview)

This class is for new employees who have jobs related to finance in some way. Do you need help understanding financial processes and procedures at the University? This class is for you. Topics covered include:

  • System Access
  • Workflow
  • Chartfields
  • Signing in to ConnectCarolina
  • Paying for Goods and Services
  • Overview of Key Modules in ConnectCarolina
  • Overview of Web Travel
  • Training and Additional Resources
  • Getting Help

P-Card (System Training)

Hands on training explaining how to enter detail and assign commodity codes for P-Card transactions. Topics covered include:

  • Signing In
  • Using the Cards Tab
  • Displaying Current Charges
  • Exporting Transaction Detail
  • Adding Line Level Detail for a Purchase
  • Reviewing and Approving P-Card Purchases
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