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A clarification is needed regarding the email sent below to campus groups.

  • Yesterday, a month-end close guidance memo mentioned pre-dating new journals.  We discovered this morning that Campus Journal is not working as expected, and users are not able to forward-date campus journals.  Therefore, please hold the data entry for new November campus journals until Monday, Nov. 3, when the new accounting month opens.
  • Users are able to forward-date budget journals/transfers.

To:     MOU Leads
University Business Managers
ConnectCarolina Finance Stakeholders
ConnectCarolina Finance TIPs and Trainers

From: Dennis Press, University Controller

Date: October 28, 2014

October’s month-end close process will be the first since ConnectCarolina Finance went live earlier this month.  The following information is intended to assist with this first month’s closing process.

Month End Guidance

Campus users should continue to clean up any errors before the end of the month.  There is a process in the Accounts Payable module to roll forward non-posted vouchers into the next accounting period.

The journal date on GL Journals and Commitment Control (KK) Budget Journals/Transfers determines within which Fiscal Year and Accounting Period a journal goes. Journals cannot be rolled forward, so all journals must be posted or will be deleted.


Transactions should be processed through at least Departmental Workflow by COB Wednesday, Oct. 29, in order to ensure the journal will be posted in October.  Central Office (OSR, Accounting Services and Budget office) will ensure journals are posted if received by that date.  If journals have to be deleted in order to close the month, a notification will be sent to the originator of the journal.

Data Collect Batch files also need to be posted.  Central Office must have a clean file by COB Thursday, Oct. 30.  A separate communication has been sent to Data Collect Batch owners to provide guidance.

We will open the November accounting period on Monday, Nov. 3, which is the first business day of the next month.   Campus users can hold journals that will not be out of departmental approval by Oct. 29,  or users can enter  the journals with a November date and save them.  Users will not be able to run an edit or budget check these, but users will be able to save them for future processing.

October (FY 2015 Period 4) will be closed at 11 p.m. on Friday, October 31, for all sub-systems for both UNCCH and UNCGA.   Transactions cannot be posted to October past this date.

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