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To:     University Business Managers

From: Scott Jackson, Executive Director of Enterprise Reporting and Departmental Systems

Date: October 14, 2014

With the implementation of ConnectCarolina behind us, we are ramping up our outreach to support the Reporting component of ConnectCarolina.  As with all projects of this nature, the reporting effort tends to run a little behind the full implementation of the transactional system.

Over the past year the Reporting team has been working diligently to install a solid infrastructure that will support the University’s extensive reporting needs.  To support the initial implementation, we have also built many inquiry screens that give you access to ConnectCarolina and legacy information.

Now that the ConnectCarolina system is live, we are able to better understand the critical reporting needs, and due to our solid infrastructure, we are well positioned to quickly address the challenges campus users are facing.  We will be working with various groups to meet your needs.

Below is an outline of the areas where we are focusing our attention immediately:

  • Training
    • The “Managing in ConnectCarolina” class late this month will include hands-on reporting training for MOU Leads
    • There have been a series of introductory large venue sessions on InfoPorte
    • Critical CBTs for Finance and HR will be completed by October 17
    • Additional training on Department Accounting, including reconciliation and transaction tagging, will be held before the end of October
    • Additional hands-on training is being prepared and planned for late October/early November; watch for more information on these very soon
  • Walk-in Clinics/Support
    • A series of walk-in clinics are being held around campus. Check the Mobile Labs page ( on the website for times and locations.  For schools that already have walk-in clinics scheduled, you can bring some of your reporting questions to those clinics and seek assistance.
    • The support includes consultation on reconciliation. Reconciliations through Sept. 30 should be done using FRS information.  September data will be added to InfoPorte this weekend, but will not have the details you would need to review the transactions.
    • The staff at the walk-in clinics can also help with verifying that each individual has the appropriate access to perform his/her job functions.
  • Access:
    • Access has been granted based on legacy users of InfoPorte.  New users will need to request access via their InfoPorte Admin.
    • New department numbers were not initialized with permissions and any new functionality/reports in InfoPorte will need to be granted to all users, existing and new.
    • Please work with your InfoPorte Admin to make sure you have the correct access.  The list of InfoPorte Admins can be found at:
  • Existing Reports: See the current Reports Inventory here:
  • Upcoming Reports: Starting Oct. 14, visit the “What’s New” page in InfoPorte – Tools/Data Dictionary for a list of upcoming reports.  If you have a critical need/report that is not currently available or not on the upcoming list please submit a Help Desk ticket.
  • Data Issues: There are still several data issues remaining with the conversion of data into ConnectCarolina including June 2014 State data and some Trust Budget data issues.  This should be corrected by mid-October.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with the user community to identify and develop the additional critical reports you need to perform your jobs.

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