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From: Andy Johns, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Research

Dennis Press, University Controller and Asst. Vice Chancellor

Date:  October 2, 2014

Now that we have reached the long-awaited launch date for Connect Carolina we can begin to take advantage of the many new features that it offers over our legacy systems. However, despite the many new features we have available to us starting today, one feature that we will have to wait a bit longer for is retroactive adjustments to salary and benefits. Retroactive adjustments to salary and benefits have long been used as an accounting method to retroactively move faculty and staff salaries and benefits to alternate funding sources, such as to make adjustments to grants to appropriately match certified effort reports. These retroactive adjustments represent a complex set of calculations and actions that result in credits and debits to funding sources as well as adjustments to fringe benefit charges and encumbrances.

After reviewing and thoroughly testing this functionality in ConnectCarolina, it was determined that additional work needs to be completed to ensure that adjustments on converted data can be processed in an efficient and accurate manner.

Given the additional work and testing that needs to be completed, retroactive salary adjustments on converted data cannot be processed during the month of October 2014 for either ConnectCarolina or legacy payroll transactions. At this time we anticipate having this functionality available for use by Nov. 1. We recognize the inconvenience this may cause and ask for your patience while the ConnectCarolina teams work to deliver this important functionality.

Meanwhile, if you have an urgent need to process a retroactive adjustment to a contract or grant account please contact Vanessa Peoples in the Office of Sponsored Research at 919-962-4676 or All other urgent adjustments should be directed to Robin Burke at or 919-445-0239.

Copy: Henry Price
Vanessa Peoples
Robin Burks
Vicki Bradley
Becky Arnold
Fran Dykstra

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