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To: TIM Administrators
From: TIM Support
Date: September 17, 2014

As previously communicated, starting Thursday, Sept. 18, Accrual Leave Payouts for SPA and EPA employees will be processed in TIM. Performing a Termination in TIM for SPA and EPA employees now consists of two steps, “Paying Out and Docking Accruals” and “Removing Accrual Balances.” Please Note: When an employee transfers to another position or department, you may be required to payout and/or remove certain accruals in TIM. In that case, you will process only the step(s) needed.

Two 10-minute “Performing a Termination” snippets have been posted online that will walk you through each step at

*TIM Administrators are required to review both snippets before processing a termination in TIM.

Detailed instructions are included in Appendix E, “Performing a Termination,” on pages 177 and 181 in the TIM Administrator Manual Part 2, located at

For SPA terminations or transfers, TIM Administrators should review the two SPA accruals & payouts PDF documents on the HR website and refer to them as needed:

For detailed information about how each leave accrual should be processed at termination or upon transfer, please refer to the individual leave policies on the OHR website:

It is imperative that you are familiar with the HR policies, so you will be able to determine which actions are needed in TIM. You must contact the HR Department for assistance with HR leave and payout policies. TIM Support will only be able to advise you on “how to” process an action in TIM.

Please Review the Following Important Information About Performing a Termination in TIM:

  • Terminations MUST be processed in the pay period in which the employee is terminating. After the timecard has been signed off, you will NOT be able to process accrual payouts or removals.
  • Because EPA employees will have accrual payouts processed in TIM, Payroll will be signing off the previous month for any EPA employees that have not been signed off by 5 p.m. on the 25th of each month. So, you will have until the 25th of the current month to process terminations in the previous month for EPA employees. The sign-off deadline for August timecards is 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 23.
  • You MUST always process the “Paying Out and Docking Accruals” step FIRST. After that step has been completed or if there are no accruals to be paid out, please continue to the next step, “Removing Accrual Balances.”
  • The same pay codes will be used for both payouts and removing balances, so it is VERY important the you follow the instructions exactly as they are demonstrated in the snippets and manual.
  • You MUST make sure you are checking the correct box in historical edits. The instructions in the snippet and manual clearly explain which box should be checked for each edit. Also, make sure you are selecting the termination date as the effective date of any historical edits.
  • Entries in the timecard MUST be made on the termination date. Be sure to insert rows on the termination date when making multiple entries in the timecard. Do NOT make entries in the timecard on dates after the termination date.
  • You will NOT send Sick leave to HR/Payroll by entering a Sick leave “payout,” and you must NOT add sick hours to Vacation when processing a payout of Vacation hours.
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