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To: University Business Managers
Finance Division Staff
From: Fran Dykstra, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Applications

The following message is being sent today to various groups involved in the ConnectCarolina project.


The ConnectCarolina team will soon announce the Go-Live schedule for Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll applications. As you may recall, going live with a new system is not a matter of flipping a switch – it requires many individual tasks to make the shift. We have worked hard to minimize downtime while providing adequate time to perform the thousands of individual tasks needed to ensure an effective cutover.

Here are some highlights of the schedule:

  • Legacy System Use:
    • The last payrolls on old system will be run on Sept. 16 (bi-weekly) and Sept. 19 (monthly).
    • No additional transactions will be permitted in legacy HR systems after 5 p.m. on Sept. 16.
    • The last days for entering a variety of procurement and other financial transactions into legacy systems will fall in September.
    • ePro 8.9 punch-out orders will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 26.
  • Converting over to PeopleSoft
    • Departments will have to reenter any “In Flight” vouchers not paid in FRS so they should refrain from entering vouchers that they expect to be paid after 9/26.
    • Many, but not all, items will be moved over via conversions.
  • PeopleSoft will be available to business owners in central administrative offices for validation a few days before Oct. 1.
  • PeopleSoft will be opened to customer transactions on Oct. 1.

The Project Team is preparing detailed information and instructions that we will distribute during the month of June. Cutover dates will be communicated broadly across campus in a week or two.

I have attached a document which includes more detail. This is only a small portion of the complete cutover plan which includes thousands of lines of detailed actions. If you notice omissions or issues, please email so we can work with you to formulate strategies for addressing them.

Thank you for your continuing support of this important project.

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