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To: University Business Managers, Finance Division Employees
From: Fran Dykstra, Asst. Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Applications, ITS; Matt Brody, Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Human Resources; Brian Smith, Interim Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Finance

The ConnectCarolina project team is deep into planning for the go-live of the University’s new administrative software system in early October 2014.  But, the transition to ConnectCarolina will not be as simple as flipping a switch.  A large number of individual tasks will have to be executed over several weeks to transition from legacy systems to Connect Carolina.

The project team is assembling a “cutover” plan itemizing all of the steps required in legacy and new systems that must be planned, coordinated, tested and reviewed before the ConnectCarolina system is “live” for campus use.

As a result, there will not be a specific go-live date, as is possible for a smaller software implementation. Instead the project team sets a go-live window.  That window, which is largely driven by Payroll dates, has been set as the first week of October.

Business owners are working closely with the project team to determine the optimal cutover process, balancing the need for a smooth transition with the campus’s need for key services like human resources, procurement and financial management. Schools, departments and units across campus should begin preparing their own transition plans.  The project team is available to assist.

In the months between now and October, as the project team continues to test and refine the cutover plan, the project team will communicate the dates the Finance and HR/Payroll legacy systems will be unavailable and when transactions can begin being entered in the new ConnectCarolina system.

For up-to-date information on the project, consult the website designed specifically for ConnectCarolina users: Questions and comments can be sent through a feedback form at

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