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To:     Budget Management System Users

From: Henry Price, Budget Officer, Academic Affairs

Date: July 19, 2013

Last year we used the Annual Raise Process (ARP) file to reset budget and FTE in the Budget Management System (BMS) for the 2012-13 fiscal year. With the State having not yet passed a budget, we are not certain if there will be Legislative Salary Increase (LSI) money for raises to process an ARP. The Budget Office and ITS have collaborated to create BMS for FY 2013-14, which will become available for use mid-day Monday, July 22, 2013.

When you access BMS you may see values in an account’s 9999999 unallocated row, under both the EPA Permanent and EPA Current columns for budget and FTE. This budget and FTE total is comprised of “Future Year Only” budget revisions posted in FY 2012-13 and/or budget from commitments where the permanent employee was terminated effective June 30, 2013 or prior. Also, temporary employees without an end of employment action and that were moved to commitments created during FY 2012-13 will remain on the account and be placed in the account’s 9999998 temporary commitment hyperlink. Budget and FTE moved to create said commitments will revert to the account’s 9999998 under the EPA Permanent and EPA Current columns. You may find permanent employees that moved off the account via EPAWeb action still displaying. If there are budget and/or FTE on their row under the EPA Permanent and/or EPA Current columns, you can removed them from the Budget Inquiry screen by moving the budget and/or FTE to another row using the Budget Distribution screen in BMS.

Please take time to move budgets and FTEs to permanent employee lines, create commitments and all other actions needed to clean up BMS. If this is a new process for you or your staff, use the BMS inquiry screen to locate where budget and FTE is needed and make your adjustments on the BMS distribution screen. Please process necessary budget revisions to satisfy negative balances in the 1110 and 1310 object codes.

If you need assistance, please contact one of the following:

Kay Hill, EPA Position Control; 919-962-5761

Thea Crabtree, EPA Position Control; 919-966-1621

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